The Best Q&A Ever.


These past few weeks I’ve been around the world a few times. Perhaps not by plane, but the ole armchair. (Which armchair really should be retired because it had trouble taking off from Marrakech where I was trying to buy teeth and well, we almost didn’t make it back. Had I not had a bracelet of scuppies..well,that’s a story for a different day). Truthfully though, besides collecting teeth I had the opportunity to chat with a few well-knowns and find out the answers to your burning questions.


Q: Hey I want scuppies, too!

A: No.


There has been a lot of talk about John Green, international teen whisperer, and–

Q: ”if a woman had written TFIOS….” Blah blah.


A:  I asked John a few questions about his new-found celebrity status, to see if he agreed with any of it:

Me: John, you’ve been thrust into the public’s eye because of your ability to write teen realism that really resonates with people. What do you think about that?

John: ::whispers:: teen, teen, teen.

Me: There a lot of talk about had the book been written by a female it would have been lauded, or perhaps not lauded but ignored, as another teen romance. Do you agree with those statements?

John:  teen, teen, teen.

Me: Has the celebrity gone to your head at all?!

John: teen, teen, teen

Me: Is that all you say? Is this why they call you the teen whisperer?!

John: Teen, teen–

Me: Okay, okay, okay. Where’s my armchair, I’m taking off.”


So there’s that. *

THIS article blew up yesterday. Lots of anger. Lots of rolling our eyes.

Q: Why?

Like I tweeted yesterday, the timing of a “screw you YA lit!” article on the eve of one of YA’s biggest movies makes any logic person suspect “bad press is better than no press” scheme to draw readers to their site. Read it if you want


A: there are better much better) things to spend your time doing. Period.


Q: Did you know that they have a photograph of one of the Ripper victims?

A: Yes but don’t look it up, it’s creepy. Plus you’ll see all these other victim pictures which is just gory and gross.


*For more about what John Green also says, go to the horse’s mouth HERE

photo cred HERE


My intern just ran into the room so I must dash. Happy weekend all and go do something fun!!


Readathon Wrapup

File:Mattheus van Hellemont The Alchemist .jpg


Last Friday (as in a few days ago) I found out about Dewey’s Readathon. I’ve really been thinking about the literary world and giving back lately especially because John Green has been in the spotlight. (rah-rah!) So I decided to jump into Saturday’s readathon wholeheartedly, unprepared and super excited. Sadly, my total reading hours was, to put it eloquently, very crappy. My Saturday had already been blocked out and I scrambled to cram in as much reading as possible.

But the re-tweets and support readathon-ers showed me and others was palpably exciting and stimulating. What an amazing universe where complete strangers encourage each other in our own private endeavors. I loved that each reader had their own charity close to their heart that they were raising money towards. I was humbled that Reach Out and Read, reached out to ME because of my small efforts for their organization. There were many things I learned this first time around..

1. Why was I asking other to re-tweet all #readathon tweets? Give readers/passersby a reason to be re-tweeting.

2. Re-tweet others’ efforts more.

3. When leaving blog post comments, make it all about that person. Instead of things we had in common or what I was doing.

4. Set a money goal for hours read AND books finished. And set a reading hour goal in the first place.

With the time I did have, I discovered that I really enjoyed Marissa Meyer’s Lunar series. Sometimes I stay away from books because they are so well liked-hyped but this was a mistake with this trilogy and I’m so glad I’ve rectified it.

So, Dewey’s Readathon was, in my book, a great success despite my paltry offering at the end of the day. Next year I’ve vowed to do better and hopefully raise much more money for organizations that are doing such saving work.



*image Wikicommons Chemical Heritage Foundation, Mattheus van Hellemont The Alchemist

The Game is On!!!

::Sounds of Typewriters clacking, shoes rushing the floor, doors slamming::

Oh the flurry and commotion at the foreign office today!! I’m out of the country office and in our bunker down below the streets of London heading up a small branch of a secret global organization. What we’re exactly doing, I can’t say. But what I can share is the outreach effort of our branch plus hundreds of others around the world. HUNDREDS.


Intro, the Dewey’s Readathon + Geeky Blogger Twist!

As I sit here typing, trying to keep my thoughts straight –“stop that shouting! Who is shouting!?” I’m super excited to be involved with a world literacy effort in memory of Dewey. I’ve got a pile of books TBR and a delicious breakfast smuggled in to me from a local bakery up top.

The charity I’m reading for is Read Out and Read, an “evidence-based nonprofit organization of medical providers who promote early literacy and school readiness in pediatric exam rooms nationwide by giving new books to children and advice to parents about the importance of reading aloud”.

Because boy howdy, do I believe in parents reading with their children.

As is usual in my life, I’m about 2-4 weeks behind everyone else (hence the scramble happening here. “Stop that racket!”) so I’m desperately re-arranging our schedule to read as much as possible today/get the word out.

“Where are my books? The books! Where are they?”:: Mad scramble ensues as I turn back to the keyboard::

As it is, I’m donating $2.50 for every 30 minutes I read. Beginning with the marvelous Marissa Meyer’s Lunar Chronicles (as Marissa is also donating $ for every one of her books read). In addition to $1.00 for every blog comment on this post and .25 cents for every re-tweet of any #readathon tweet I ..tweet. Hmm. You get the idea.

Ahhhh! This just in: the super secret list of incredibly helpful links:

Get Started HERE (Marissa Meyer’s blog post)
Read Felicia’s How-to HERE
My twitter (.25 cents/tweet!) HERE
Readathon Twitter HERE
Hashtags: #readathon #rahrahreadathon #dewey

Band with me readers! As we take the world by storm one book at a time!

Why are you still here?! Go! Read!! 🙂 Then come back and tell me 1. What you’re reading 2. What charity you’re reading for (if you are) or 3. Your favorite book of all time!!