I am a Real Writer part 1

File:Piccadillycircus tube station.jpg

I’m in the country office early this morning. I’d love to say that I took the tube because that sounds so posh. And I hate trying to find parking. Alas, I neither tubed it nor drove it, I ran. Which is better for the ole ticker but like, third, in coolness.

Anyway, last week I decided finally that I was a “real writer”. Apparently, the last five years haven’t counted because, guys, now I am a real writer. Interestingly, it has shifted my thinking. I’m more pro-active on twitter, I’m talking about what I’m writing more and I feel more complete in who I am. I will blog about it later, because it’s interesting that plumbers and accountants don’t go through the mental trial period that we writers do. And they don’t dive into sewers every spare minute (usually by themselves) just to prove that they are adept for their vocation.

Writing is nuts that way.

That said, I’m absolutely terrified that I’m making twittery friends and that some of you have signed up to follow my blog. There are ACTUALLY PEOPLE READING THIS! Which, since I’ve wanted to be a “real writer” for so long you’d think I’d be a little bit more prepared for the idea.

Anyway, long ramble this morning. I promise there will be more writery, cool stuff (like cool tube stuff). But I do thank you for reading. And for following me. I will try to be worthy of your trust and interest.

I’m off to write 1000 words this morning before my young assistants get into the office. That and I hear there’s a troll in the dungeons so, you know, there’s that to take care of.

All in a day’s work.



*Wikicommons image HERE  the last time I took the underground, I was frantically trying to push in far enough to not loose a limb on the doors, not to take pictures.


One thought on “I am a Real Writer part 1

  1. This is wonderful. I especially loved the wording about how writers, unlike other professionals, go through a mental trial period proving our skills and worthiness to be in this field. I imagine it’s something almost every writer feels at one point or another, and you really hit the issue on point!

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