There and Back Again. With a Ray Bradbury Challenge.


File:Hobbit Hole.jpg

Dear reader,

I’m out of the country house today and am, well..actually, in the shire. In a hobbit hole to be exact. Which, if you’re looking for a place for sheltered hospitality, this is the place to be.

It smells of bread baked the day before, damp earth and something ancient and musty in the wood that makes up the tables and the chair I’m sitting on. The house is quiet besides a ticking clock. Outside, I can see the trees bending in the fierce winds and good folk with their heads bent leading animals to their pens and carrying baked goods and tools on their shoulders. If there is anyplace on earth (or, Middle Earth) where one needs to just be, this is it.

But I am getting carried away, the true purpose of this post is to invite you to do something with me. Earlier I listened to an Evening with Ray Bradbury (a man much beloved by the hobbits here) in which he proscribes reading one short story, one poem and an essay each night before going to bed. For one-thousand days. (Watch HERE.) I’ve decided to take up his challenge myself. Will you do it with me?

In case you don’t know this, Ray Bradbury received every literary award conceivable. I think it’s safe to say the man knew what he was talking about. Listen to his whole address for the old-fashioned, non-nonsense advice for writers if you so care too. (WORTH IT).

So I’m going to try him out. For three-hundred and sixty-five days rather then one-thousand. Each week I’d like to post the order of stories, poems and essays I’m reading. Feel free to read them with me and let’s discuss. Or, of course, follow your own fancy but we can still discuss.

I just don’t think you can loose, doing an exercise like this.

What say you then? I do hope you’ll stay tuned for next Sunday night when I post the weeks’ readings!


*To be posted when back above ground in wi-fi

**art from wikicommons


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