My First Post Ai ai ai!

 Tonight I vowed to post my first post. Of course, having the best intentions is a sure-fire way to set yourself up for a most busy evening. But I’m finally here at my desk. To be completely honest (an apt adjective for everything I’ll post here) I’m nervous about starting a blog. Will anybody read this?  Any blog I’ve started in the past died out too quickly. I realize now that it was because I was trying to mimic everyone else in my own voice. But the great thing about using your own voice is that the power and passion that needs to be behind it should be and has to be all your own. You have all the tools you need. So here I am. Excited. Passionate about books and writing and people and movies and art and this. world. I have baby spit up on my shoulder waffering into my nose, an empty plate with cheesecake-crumbled remains and a notebook full of scribbled to-do’s on my desk  My enter key stopped working (hence the long paragraph) and I don’t want to stop and re-start my computer to fix it. Nora Jones crones out of my abandoned ear buds so I could concentrate on writing. And I’m hoping to meet you. Hoping someone will say hello sometime soon. Until then, here’s to an abundant and prosperous 2014 on a new blog!! And an enter key that works!!


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